What You Need to Know About Bike Accident Claims

What You Need to Know About Bike Accident Claims

Several people get involved in bike accidents and subsequently become severely injured in the process. Yet, they are also eligible for compensation from the party at-fault. Like most accidents that deserve compensation.  Adequate evidence is required, besides the accident happening due to negligence. If you are unfamiliar with bike accident claims, this guide provides essential insights to know.

Types of Bike Accidents

Different types of bike accidents are defined based on the location of where it occurs. Crashes at the interception or stop sign is one of the common bike accidents. Another bike accident type involves collisions that occur when the cyclist and the motorist come from opposite directions. If the motorist goes against the rules and hits a cyclist, then the cyclist tends to be wrongfully hit and deserves compensation.

Compensation Depends on The Damage

The cyclist only receives compensation for the bike accident claim provided the accident occurs due to the motorist’s negligence. When filling out the claim, your lawyer will first determine its cause and if the motorist is the party at-fault. Negligence can henceforth result from either of the two parties involved.

For instance, if the motorist was driving on the wrong side of the road and hits the cyclists, you are likely to have a strong bike accident claim that earns you the maximum compensation. Contrarily, when the cyclist rides the wrong way and crashes into the vehicle, compensation claims may become unreasonable.

Cyclists Have Responsibilities as Well

Regardless of bike accident claims resulting in compensation, it is vital to remember that cyclists must be responsible on the road. This focuses on road safety precautions and traffic laws that govern the usage of roads. For instance, a cyclist must put on reflectors, have a head and lamp at night for a motorist to see them on the road. If the cyclist fails to do so at night and gets hit by a motorist, the claim may have an indecisive conclusion.  

Mainly, drivers aren’t responsible when they hit a cyclist who goes against traffic rules in place. That is, if the cyclist tends to ride on the wrong side of the road or breaks any laws, compensation fails to exist. Cyclists filling for compensation must have adhered to all traffic laws when hit by a motorist.

Limit to File A Claim

In Florida, cyclists hit due to motorists’ negligence have a specific time frame to file for a bike accident claim. Typically, you have a time limit of up to four years to sue a motorist. However, it can become tricky to win over the case when you file the claim after a prolonged period. Besides, it may become confusing for your lawyer to prove the accident, including the medical reports.

Familiarizing yourself with bike accident claims can significantly help you get you the maximum compensation when the accident occurred due to negligence. However, it is essential to hire an attorney to help you through the entire bike accident claim process.

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