Insurance Claims Process After an Auto Accident

Insurance Claims Process After an Auto Accident

Auto accidents can be minor or severe. No matter the extent of the accident and the recovery insurance claims process can be stressful. If you make a mistake, you may never be compensated. As long as it was the other driver’s fault, the insurance company should compensate you; however, it isn’t easy. You need an experienced car accident attorney to help through the insurance claims process. Below is a guide to help you with what you should do after being involved in a car accident.

What to Do After an Auto Accident

After getting into a car accident, you should move the car further from the traffic, but if it’s impossible, turn off the engine and don’t leave the scene. Whether there are injured persons or not, call 911 and report the accident. Then, take pictures, videos and write down anything crucial about the accident that can be used as evidence. 

Ensure to have the following in mind;

  • Don’t blame the other party. Your insurance company will help you figure that out later.
  • Ensure to take pictures of the accident scene, the license plates, other drivers involved, damages of the vehicles involved, traffic signs around and the direction each car was moving.
  • Exchange information with the other driver concerning your name and insurance company and vice versa.

Also, it would be best if you used your phone to gather the following information;

  • The age and names of the passengers and drivers
  • Weather conditions
  • Date and time the accident occurred
  • Year, model, and make of the other car
  • Witnesses (names and contact)

Should I Call the Police After A Car Accident?

Yes, you should call the police immediately after an auto accident. The information you give is used as a police report. It’s vital because the insurance firms use it to investigate your car accident claims.

Whose Insurance Should I Call After an Auto Accident?

If the other driver admits to be at fault, there’s no need to call the insurance company. If you are at fault, it’s advisable to call your insurance firm so that they can advise you on what to do. Auto accidents compensation varies and a professional attorney helps you calculate your settlement claims according to the accident’s extent.

What If the Other Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance?

After an accident, the insurance firm of the driver at fault pays for the damages. If the driver doesn’t have insurance, it’s considered they are driving illegally. In such a situation, your uninsured and underinsured insurance helps to cover your medical bills. You can take them to court but could waste lots of your time and money.

What Do I Need to File A Claim After A Car Accident?

You need to submit the following to file a claim successfully:

  • Policy number. It can be on your insurance card.
  • Provide precise information about how the accident occurred
  • Time, date, and area the accident happened.
  • Information concerning contact and insurance of the other party involved
  • Police report number and name of the police department involved

Having your car insured is vital because if an accident occurs, you’ll be covered. Ensure to follow the insurance claim process because making a single mistake can cost you your compensation. With an experienced attorneys’ help, it’s easy to get compensated so long as the other driver was at fault.

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