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At The Law Offices of Chad Nolan Horowitz, P.A. THE ONE YOU WANT, we represent some of the most vulnerable people on the roads. These are pedestrians and bicycle riders. Bicyclists face numerous dangers as they share the road with buses, trucks and, cars on city streets and main thoroughfares. Every year more than 500,000 people in the US suffer severe injuries from bicycle accidents, while over 700 people die due to bicycle-related injuries. Similarly, pedestrian fatalities have increased significantly and now account for more than 15% of all traffic fatalities. As most of us are aware, trucks or car drivers rarely pay attention to their surroundings as well as they should and often fail to respect pedestrians and cyclists’ rights on the road. Are you searching for truck accident attorney Boynton Beach? The Law Offices of Chad Nolan Horowitz, P.A. is the most reputed company that leading the pride.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Drivers are expected to yield to the right-of-way to pedestrians in most situations. However, they often fail to pay attention to pedestrians at intersections and when turning onto another street. Speeding is also a primary cause of pedestrian accidents because fast speeds make it difficult for drivers to notice pedestrians and stop in time to avoid an accident. Other causes of pedestrian accidents include:

  • Drivers rolling through stop signs

  • Poor sidewalk conditions

  • Drunk driving

  • Posts, trees, and other obstructions

  • Street repair and construction sites

  • Drivers making unsafe U-turns

In many instances, these pedestrian accidents are unavoidable. Our team works to hold irresponsible or distracted drivers accountable for their behavior behind the wheel. 

Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Sadly, most bicycle accidents result from preventable and reckless behavior by drivers. Drivers who fail to pay full attention to their surroundings endanger the safety of cyclists. Some common causes of bicycle accidents include:

  • Unsafe lane changes

  • Road conditions

  • Distracted driving

  • Alcohol intoxication or drug use by the drivers

The negligence of drivers can cause severe injuries to cyclists. These include bruising, broken bones, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, and many more. These injuries often need expensive medical treatments, and that is where The Law Offices of Chad Nolan Horowitz, P.A. comes in to fight for the rights of these cyclists. We do this by ensuring they are compensated for all the damages and expenses that result from the accident. 

What to Do If Involved in a Bicycle-Related Accident

Regardless of how skilled you are when it comes to cycling, the chances of being involved in an accident are quite high. If you or a close person is involved in an accident, we recommend that you take these steps:

  • Seek Medical Attention

  • You must seek that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. This way, you can get treatment for any injuries before they worsen. 

  • Collect Insurance Information

  • Ensure that you get the vehicle information, driver’s license, and insurance details from the driver involved in the accident. This will help you know who you are dealing with. 

  • Contact the Police

  • Get a copy of the accident report from the police department. 

  • Obtain Contact Information. A witness will be extremely important when it comes to proving liability. 

  • Take Pictures

  • Make sure to take some photos of the accident scene, damage to your bicycle, and the injuries caused. They will be important in building your case. 

What Can A Bicycle and Pedestrian Accident Attorney Do For You?

It is vital to know that there’s legal help out there for anyone who has suffered from a pedestrian or bicycle accident. Therefore, if you or a person you’re close to is a victim, The Law Offices of Chad Nolan Horowitz, P.A. recommend that you consult with an attorney in the shortest time possible so that you can get the compensation and justice you deserve. Here’s how the attorney can help:

  • The Attorney Can Help Determine the Party at Fault

  • An experienced attorney will be able to prove how the incident occurred and the negligent party. This is by obtaining testimonies from witnesses, evidence collected at the accident’s scene, and medical exams. 

  • An Attorney Can Determine the Injuries and Damages Caused

  • If you were severely injured, the attorney could determine the monetary sums that include medical expenses, property damage, pain and suffering, lost income, and many more. Insurance companies tend to offer victims a low payout, which is far less than what they deserve. Here at The Law Offices of Chad Nolan Horowitz, P.A., we negotiate diligently to ensure that our clients get the compensation they are rightfully entitled to. 

An Attorney Will Advise You

After an accident, you might be traumatized and unsure of what you should do next. Fortunately, an experienced attorney will know what to do to preserve evidence and get you a fair settlement. Our team at The Law Offices of Chad Nolan Horowitz, P.A. is well-trained and skilled at developing unique strategies such as arguing the facts of your claim, bringing in witnesses, and much more to win your case! We also provide objective opinions to give you the emotional and psychological support you deserve. Are you searching for personal injury boynton beach? The Law Offices of Chad Nolan Horowitz, P.A. is the best option for you.

An Attorney Will Deal with The Insurance Companies

As said earlier, insurance companies will never be on your side. They are in business to make money for themselves, so they’ll try to convince you to settle for what you don’t deserve. An attorney will negotiate with them to get you what you deserve as you focus on healing and recovery and getting your life back on track. 

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