Questions To Expect from My Car Accident Attorney

Here are Questions that Your Car Accident Attorney will Ask

After a car accident, the next line of action will be hiring a car accident attorney. In the initial consultation, the attorney will ask you several questions to get the details surrounding your case. Some of the questions to expect include. Boynton Beach, FL  can be seen here.

When and how did the Car Accident Happen?

It might seem pretty easy, but an attorney will need details of when the accident happened. You should be prepared with the exact date, day, and time. Also, be prepared with details of how the accident occurred. Do not hesitate to draw some illustrative pictures. Click here to read about Qualities of a Good Car Accident Attorney.

Is there a Police Report?

The attorney will ask whether the police were called. If so, there will be a police report about the accident. An attorney will need to know what the report says and whether it shows which part was at fault.

Did the Other Party Admit Liability?

You should let your attorney know if the other driver admitted to being negligent. If they admitted to it, that would be great. If they did not, an attorney will create the grounds to prove liability and fight for your best interests.

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