Are you at Fault in a Pedestrian Accident in Boynton Beach, FL?

Don’t assume that the driver of the car is always at fault when a pedestrian gets hit by a car.  If a pedestrian doesn’t follow the laws in Florida, sometimes the pedestrian can be at fault. You will need a specialized pedestrian accident attorney to sort out the fault.  Information can be found here.


Incapacitated pedestrians are a particular problem for motorists.  A motorist must be cautious when they observe a child or an older person on the street.  The motorist is responsible for giving a warning to the person so that they know a car is coming. If the motorist doesn’t warn the pedestrian and accidentally hits them, the motorist can be at fault.  Also, the motorist is required to stop before an intersection if there are people around.  See here for information about Don’t Get Run Over in Boynton Beach, FL.


If the pedestrian is not obeying a traffic signal, then the pedestrian could be at fault. In Florida, when there is carelessness on both sides, Florida state law allows a split in the responsibility.  A pedestrian could be 40% responsible and a motorist 60% responsible.  Your pedestrian accident attorney can explain that the victim only receives 60% of the settlement amount in this case. 

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