Royal Palm Beach, FL

Even though the name says Royal Palm Beach, this village is actually 15 miles inland from the coast. Located about 15 miles west/northwest of Boynton Beach, there actually is no beach in Royal Palm Beach.  But luckily there are lots of other things to do.  And if you really need a beach, it’s only a few minutes away. Boynton Beach, FL information can be seen at this link.

Royal Palm Beach started out as a swampy uninhabited area and a Seminole hunting ground.  Then developers came into the area and drained the swamp.  In 1959 the Seminoles gave up their claim to the land and development went crazy. Discover facts about Deerfield Beach, FL.  


The Village Golf Club is an 18-hole course that is open to the public.  It includes a full-size driving range.  The club has even hosted some PGA tour events.  Golfers report the course has a good mix of sand and water hazards, plus open and tree-covered areas. 

Dupuis Nature Center 

This is a great place to learn more about the environment.  The 22,000-acre Dupuis Nature Center presents many environmental programs for local elementary students and for any other visitors.  Together with the local astronomical society, the Dupuis Nature Center also presents many opportunities for visitors to learn about the stars.

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