Palm Springs Florida

Located only 10 miles north of Boynton Beach, Florida, is a lovely village called Palm Springs, Florida.  When people hear Palm Springs they immediately think of California.  But Florida has its very own Palm Springs and it’s a terrific place for tourists and residents alike. Considered a part of the greater metro Miami area, it is a bedroom community for people who work in Miami. Learn information about Boynton Beach, FL.

Outdoor Activities

Palm Springs is a great place to play golf.  There are many 18-hole golf courses in the area including the West Palm Beach Golf Course, the Palm Beach Par-3 Golf Course, the PGA National Palm Beach Golf Course, and several other courses. Discover facts about Lake Worth Florida.

Birdwatching is another outdoor activity that is popular in the Palm Springs area. You can find sea birds like Ibis, and the tri-colored heron, along with regular shore birds.

Living Desert Zoo

If you love animals, be sure to visit The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens.  The zoo includes many of the regular zoo-type animals for kids and adults to enjoy, like zebras, cheetahs, and reptiles.  But the zoo also includes domestic livestock that is raised in Africa.  People can pet Ankole cattle and Sicilian dwarf donkeys.  You can even groom the Nigerian dwarf goats.  

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