Lake Worth Florida

Lake Worth,  FL is now known as Lake Worth Beach.  This only makes sense since it has several beaches in the area. Learn more here.

Great Location

Just an hour north of Miami, and just 8 miles north of Boynton Beach, Lake Worth is a great place to visit.  In a city that lists 10 nearby beaches, you will also find the Lake Worth Lagoon for boaters. On the west side, you will find Lake Osborne where you can go fishing and even camp out overnight.  If you like to fish from a pier, you will find a fishing pier at nearby John Prince Memorial Park. Learn more about Lantana, FL.

Cultural Attractions

The art deco-style Lake Worth Playhouse offers a great variety of entertainment both live and on film.  The building itself is the oldest art deco building in Palm Beach County. At one time in its colorful history the playhouse was known for showing x-rated movies until the police shut it down. Are you searching for property damage attorney near me? The Law Offices of Chad Nolan Horowitz, P.A. is the most reputed company that leading the pride.


Probably the most popular festival in Lake Worth is the Street Painting Festival, probably because artists paint on sidewalks and streets.  Some artists use paint, others create works of art out of chalk.   Another great festival is Finlandia Week,  celebrating the huge Finnish population.

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