Green Cay Wetlands is a nature preserve

Green Cay Wetlands is a nature preserve that is located in Boynton Beach, Florida. The 100-acre land was purchased in 1999 by Ted as well as Trudy Winsberg who had employed the property to farm. The Winsbergs were able to sell the property for 1/3 of the appraised value on the condition that it would be transformed into an aquatic habitat. The construction began in July 2003. It was developed between The Palm Beach County Utilities Department as well as the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department in 2004. The park comprises 1.5 miles of the elevated wooden boardwalk that will take visitors through different habitats like the trees, cypress the swamp, wetland hammock, and a tropical hardwood hammock. The boardwalk also includes the Seminole chicken hut, as well numerous gazebos, all of which are adorned with descriptive signs that provide details on the plants and wildlife. Its Nature Center showcases exhibits on the water cycle, along with a frog pond, turtle pond Terrarium, an American alligator hole that has live alligators in their young years, and a diorama of wetlands. There’s also an auditorium and gift shop, an Owl, and an exhibit hall within. This park serves as a facility for water reclamation which naturally filters millions of gallons of water daily. Click here


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