Boynton Beach, FL Bubbles with Parks

Charming Parks in Boynton Beach, FL

With the modern-day campaigns for green and leafy environs, no doubt, every city is racing to provide even at least one green spot to align with this demand. Boynton Beach is not different, being that it is even greener with many natural spaces. If you need to spend your holiday or weekend in a park, consider visiting the following when you come to Boynton Beach. Further facts about Boynton Beach, FL can be found here.

Boynton Lakes Park

The park is one of the most renowned fun spots in the City. It features amenities such as benches, bike rack, bocce court, fitness trail, and miles of hiking trails. Information about Boynton Beach, FL is the City of Outdoor Fun can be found here.

Forest Hills Park

Forest Hills Park is part of the Rolling Green Ridge and is named after the Forest Hill subdivision. What makes it unique is the many fun provisions it boasts, from baseball, basket, and softball courts, playground areas, and picnic tables. All these make it an excellent picnicking destination for the whole family.

Galaxy Way, Boynton Beach

Galaxy Scrub is 5.48 acres of preservation property, conveyed to the City from the Palm Beach County School District in 2012. The City collaborates with Galaxy E3 Elementary School teachers and students to re-plant and maintains the native scrub site. It is open to school students for educational purposes.


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