Boca Raton, FL

Originally known as Bocaratone, Boca Raton Florida is famous for being a wealthy city.  The people who live here commonly reside in mansions in gated communities with and own exotic cars and private jets.  Being 44 miles north of Miami, it is considered a city of the greater Miami metro area. Visit this link for more information.

Keeping up Appearances

Boca Raton has several unusual laws to maintain the feeling of luxury.  There are no outdoor car dealerships allowed within the city limits.  The city only allows indoor high-end dealerships.  No billboards are allowed.  The zoning laws are very strict regarding advertising signs. Read about Delray Beach Florida here.

East Side Parks

As a city known for its wealth, Boca Raton’s money maintains several wonderful municipal parks. On the east side, there are 2 miles of beaches including South Inlet Park and Red Reef Park.  At Red Reef Park there is an environmental education center called the Gumbo Limbo Environmental Complex.  Florida Atlantic University runs a research center at the complex where college students study marine subjects such as sea turtles and sea grasses.

Sugar Sand Park 

This city park of 132 acres contains many amenities including a pavilion, a field house, a science playground, walking paths, outdoor basketball courts and the Children’s Science Explorium. 

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